7 Essential Mobile Accessories for College Students

7 Essential Mobile Accessories for College Students

by Poonam Shaw

College is the perfect time for students to start a new chapter of their lives and set new goals. This is also the time when out of various gadgets like tablets, laptops, etc., your mobile phone would be the most used one. Nevertheless, there are certain phone accessories available which would be perfect for the budding scholar in you to succeed as well as enjoy your collegiate experience. Regardless of your need for mobile accessories for Samsung or mobile accessories for Redmi, these phone accessories are bound to make your college life simpler and more enjoyable.


1. Wires are so outdated

You would want to redefine your personal style in college. However, wires of earphones dangling all around you can spoil your look. Take your first step towards a wireless world with PTron's Soundster Bluetooth Headset Stereo Wireless Headphones. Free yourself from the cord and explore exhilarating features such as advanced noise cancellation, incredible sound quality, and supreme comfort and convenience.

PTron Soundster | Stereo Wireless Headphones


2. Let the charge on your phone be the last thing to worry about.

College is a time to be spontaneous and active, not to stand around glued to the switchboard waiting for your phone to be charged. This is where a power bank comes in handy.

With a capacity as high as 10,000 mAh, the PTron Dynamo Power Bank is ultra compact and compatible with all smartphones. It has dual USB outputs and tons of other cool features like protection from short circuit and high temperatures. If you happen to be looking for mobile accessories for gaming in order to enjoy uninterrupted gaming sessions with your buddies, this is a must-have for you

PTron Dynamo 10000mAh Power Bank

3. Relieve yourself from a mini heart attack each time you drop your phone.

Are you a little careless about handling your phone? Don't worry. You're not alone. The grief of being so close to having a delicious chicken dinner in PUBG and not being able to win can make us all frustrated. This is why you need a collapsible grip and stand, like the one from Popsockets, to make sure your phone stays in your hand.

7 Essential Mobile Accessories for College Students


4. The world is getting smarter, your watch should too

When you're in college, you'll have classes to attend, fests to participate in, and events to manage, which can make time management really stressful. A smartwatch can help you get into a rhythm and be on the right track. We recommend the PTron Rhythm Bluetooth Smartwatch. With some extraordinary features like 320 mAh battery, inbuilt mic and speaker, and many others, this is a perfect device for mastering the art of time management. It is also equipped with sleep monitoring functions that can monitor your heart rate while sleeping, display your walking distance and calories burnt, and many more to help you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

PTron Rhythm Bluetooth Smart Watch


5. This is the age of multitasking, roll with it.
Just as you are going to be multitasking in college, you must get a charging cable that does the same for you. The PTron Indigo 2A 3-in-1 Sync Charging Cable is a must-have for college kids. With 2A fast charging, high-speed transmission, a durable and tangle-free wire, and tons of other features, it allows you to charge up to 3 devices at a time. 

PTron Indigo 2A 3 In 1 Sync Charging Cable Jeans Cloth USB Data Cable For Smartphones

6. Travel anywhere anytime with your playlist. 
College is the time when you'll figure out whether you're an Aerosmith person or a John Lennon person. You will definitely want to add a mini Bluetooth speaker to your list of phone accessories. The portable PTron Musicbot Bluetooth Speaker is one of the best for a weekend out with friends or for partying with a battery capacity of 500 mah and an SNR of greater than 80dB.


PTron Musicbot Bluetooth Speaker Portable Wireless Speaker

7. Waste no more time in finding a designated spot for your phone. 
The conventional way of charging phones is too much and too boring for a college student living in a dorm room. Redefine charging with PTron's Cradle Docking Station Charger. With a stylish look and great functionality, you don't have to worry about finding a safe place to keep your phone while charging. 


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