Are Expensive Headphones Worth Spending? A Buyer's Guide

Are Expensive Headphones Worth Spending? A Buyer's Guide

by Poonam Shaw

There are many articles and blog posts around which talk about things to look for when buying headphones and how to choose the right headphone as per your need. Buying headphones can be daunting due to the varied shapes and sizes and also the wide range of prices they come in.

In India, one can buy a pair of headphone for as little as the price of coffee for two at any cafe to an amount which may cost half of one’s life’s savings.

However, very few articles encompass the subject of headphone prices with a common conception (or misconception) that only highly expensive headphones offer good quality sound, comfort, and durability.  


Before understanding this, let’s look at how one’s lifestyle determines which headphone is best for you unless you are an audiophile.

Sportster or highly active

The active and sporty should look for headphones that allow maximum movement with minimum hindrance, i.e the wireless ones with a steady battery life of 5hrs or more as per your need. Headsets with leather ear cushions will not be the best bet in this case as they can get damaged due to excessive sweat.

Gamers and coders

Distraction is a big no for gamers and coders, hence the best headphone for them are the ones which come with the active noise cancellation feature for a fully immersive experience. Wired headphones are the best choice for this category of users over the wireless ones as wired headphones draw up power from an external source such as your phone or PC. This means that you can fully focus on your game or debugging without having to worry about running to the charging dock every other hour.


If music keeps you stress-free at work and yet your job requires you to be able to hear to your colleagues over the headphones, then open back headphones are your best bet. You don’t need a headset with advanced features such as active noise cancellation feature and save some bucks while doing so. Wireless or wired depends on your preference and budget.

Coming back to the topic, are all good headphones expensive?

Generally, the most expensive headset comes with the tag of the brand. People end up paying for the branding or the style and not necessarily the audio quality or the science and engineering used to make the headset.

When buying a pair of headphones or a headset, your lifestyle and your need should be the key criterion while deciding on the product of your choice and not only the brand. Brand reputation and general product review is also important and must be taken into consideration before making the final choice.

If you only look for cheap headphones, they will come with their own set of common problems such as lack of durability due to the material used or the lack of an option to tune in the sound that suits your need. Also poor audio quality due to cheaper accessories used for integration can be an assault on one’s ears and you might not be able to enjoy the device for the much longer time.

One must remember that a good pair of headphones comes with the promise of - high audio quality, durability, versatility, ergonomics, and design. In a promising product, sound can be tuned in an infinite number of ways to match to the music you're used to listening to. This is especially important for people who are frequent and business travellers. Additionally, headphones for travellers should essentially provide features such as noise-cancellation and volume adjustment.

With great sound quality a must, a good headphone does not necessarily be heavy on your pocket and you don’t have to break the bank to get headphones that offer crisp sound and punchy bass.


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