Choosing The Best Traveller Headphones For Any Travel

Choosing The Best Traveller Headphones For Any Travel

by Poonam Shaw

Fancy long road trips? Or cosy train cabin? It is the best feeling when you travel and listen to the finest music. And a good set of headphones adds to this joy of travelling. Headphones come in a range of shapes and sizes and can cost anything from INR 300 to more than INR 20000 based on their type and usage. With so many choices available choosing the right headset as your travel companion can be a dreary task.

The sound quality definitely plays a big role when you want to enjoy music during travel, but what else differentiates traveler headphones from regular headphones and what kind of headset should you buy.

What Makes a Good Set Of Traveller Headphones

A good pair of travelling headphone sounds great, is comfortable for long periods and ideally stands the test of time.


Comfort is the prime feature to look for and hence the weight of the headphone is paramount while buying the best traveler headphones. Essentially because, you will wear the headphone for a long time and a heavy weight headphone may lead to uncomfortable neck or ear ache. Durability is also the key criteria and the headphones should be tough and hardy as well so that they can withstand the withstand the hardships of the commute just as we do. 


A good pair of headphones deliver full sound with the right balance of treble, mid-range, and bass frequencies. In case of travelling, over-ear headphones perform better in comparison to their in-ear counter parts. Over-ear headphones deliver rich, deep sound compared to the in-ear models which struggle when it comes to producing bass. Over-ear headphones come in two types, open-back and closed-back. Sound produced from open-back headphones are more natural than closed headphones but they also tend to leak more noise. Closed headphones on the other hand can sound a bit muffled but are good at preventing sound leakage and blocking out unwanted noise.


Sound of traffic and public transportation, and unwanted leakage from co traveler’s headphones, are surely disliked while you are enjoying your favourite beat. Headphones with noise cancellation feature are great in keeping unwanted sounds out.  

The design of some headphone models offers passive noise reduction. Such as over-the-ear and insert-style earphones tend to block more noise than on-ear and earbud-style headphones. Models with active noise-canceling feature  are battery-powered headphones that use tiny microphones to monitor noise frequencies, and then produce those same frequencies out of phase to cancel them. Most effective noise reduction models are the ones that are physically designed to block noise and also come with active noise cancellation feature.


Wireless headphones allow mobility and typically use bluetooth, which has a range of up to 30 feet or so. While many wireless headphones have a wire of some sort connecting the two earbuds or cups there are “true wireless” models available as well which don’t have any wires between the earbuds or cups.


A good set of headphones definitely comes with a warranty so that if anything happens while you’re on the road, you can get it fixed or replaced as long as its under the timeline.

It is suggested that you decide on the model first as per your need, read the user reviews, look for best deals so that you save some money while you own your favourite model.

Buying the best travellers headphone can be pretty expensive especially if you want to invest in a set offered by some globally recognised brand. Additionally you can also look at few high quality yet pocket friendly travellers headphones available in the market that provide best in kind features and suits your need.

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