Cut the Cost, not the fun. Introducing Tangent Lite Wireless Neckband

Cut the Cost, not the fun. Introducing Tangent Lite Wireless Neckband

by poonam shaw

Music is the spice of life. Turn every moment of your life into a musical party with the pTron Tangent Lite Wireless Neckband. Let its powerful sound and robust bass carry you away to a land where the beats rule your heart. 

Let Birtney Spears' rocky music motivate you to work out harder. 

Mute the world and dive into your favorite shows with a superior sound quality that makes your favorite characters come alive and whisper next to your ears. 

Don't let the wires keep you from freeing your heart and mind. And most importantly, don't let the cost deprive you of all this incredible fun! 


A soul-stirring sound experience! 

sound experience

With the Tangent Lite, we guarantee a sound experience that will sweep you off your feet. The composite diaphragm, accompanied by a 10 mm dynamic driver and an acoustic technology produces a realistic musical experience that makes the inner music lover in you gloat with glee. Now, listen to your favorite tunes in a tone that you have never experienced before and discover the true emotions behind each track. 


State-of-the-art design! 

While the production of crystal clear sound has taken the front seat, we haven't forgotten about all those other times when you might need to engage in intense athletic or sports exercises and be on long calls while working from home. The Tangent Lite features an advanced design that offers utmost comfort all day long and magnetic earbuds that keep them together when not in use. Additionally, you can bend or twist the neckband earphone at any angle to wear it as you please.


Stay young and sporty with hues! 

Stay young and sporty

Besides everything, we can't let our beloved users keep the style in a backseat when the whole world is getting younger in heart and trendier in fashion. The Tangent Lite comes in four magnificent hues to blend your style quotient with your personality - Midnight Black, Fresh Green, Wine Red and Sunshine Yellow. Our newest member of the pTron audio lifestyle range doesn't only immerse you in a glorious musical world but also lets you step out in style. 

So, what's keeping you from adding the Tangent Lite to your possession of advanced economical gadgets? Order your wireless neckband today and unbox loads of other cutting-edge features.

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