Good Gaming Headsets and Must-Have Features

Good Gaming Headsets and Must-Have Features

by Poonam Shaw

As a gamer, there is nothing more satisfying than a wide monitor with a 4k display, higher RAM for speed and the best available graphics card for the best gaming experience. However, is that enough? The answer is no and any pro gamer will agree to this. Let us take a look into the features of a good gaming headset.

With multiplayer games such as Fortnite, PUBG, and Overwatch gaining immense popularity, choosing the right gaming headset has become important. So what are the features that we need to look for in a gaming headset, before buying one?

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  • Battery- Well for starters, most of us are inclined towards wireless headsets sowing to the convenience that they deliver. However, the problem with them is we need to choose one with a good battery life that is designed for heavy duty and can support long gaming sessions. You can opt for a mid-range, affordable headset. They can support you for a good 8 to 10 hours depending on the volume and would not burn a hole in your pocket.
  • Comfort and compatibility- It is also important to decide whether we are looking for an in-ear or over the ear model. While over-the-ear headsets are gaining more popularity for their better noise cancellation mechanism and comfort, in-ear ones are easy to carry. Also, while choosing a headset, we must check if they are compatible with the PC, PS3, PS4 and the X-Box and others.
  • Sound quality- Moving on to the sound, living in 2018, most headsets are being designed with surround sound rather than a simple stereo headset. In a basic stereo headphone, the sound originates near the ears. Many users have often complained that there is a slight difference between the action on the screen in front of them and the sound in their ears. This is the problem all companies are trying to solve with the surround sound headphones. True surround sound has multiple speakers, broadcasting at different angles in each ear while virtual surround sound works on two speakers, using the technology of complex sound processing to simulate the effect of multiple directional channels.

  • Microphone- Other than the sound, we also need a proper microphone for the all-round gaming experience. For the best performance, you can choose adjustable ones with high-quality communication. Some Bluetooth wireless headphones have built-in HD microphone and you can also enjoy hands-free call with them. Most of them are capable of picking up sounds with great sensitivity and removing the unwanted noise.

For the best audible pleasure, proper research is important before investing in a headphone that you will easily use for a long time. With the wide range of wireless Bluetooth headsets available in the market, it is easy to get confused. Therefore, choose wisely to put your best gaming foot forward with the best gaming headsets.

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