Impact Of Music On Productivity At Work

Impact Of Music On Productivity At Work

by Poonam Shaw

When life gets tough, put on your headphones and let the music work its magic. 

This has practically become the mantra for most of us in dealing with everyday work-related stress. Some of us to listen to music at work especially to gain focus when in an environment that’s too noisy or to feel more lively while doing any repetitive task.  

So, does music actually work as a stress buster? What does science have to say about it?

As per a Mayo Clinic report, most of the time people are stressed focusing on the imperfections of life. Music helps us get back to the present moment. 

Also when we are stressed, we make decisions more hastily due to the narrow focus of attention. While a positive mood leads to more options and constructive decisions.

Just 15 minutes to a half-hour of music can help us regain concentration and focus.

Research shows that people who listened to music during work were able to complete their tasks faster as compared to the ones who didn’t. However, it also depends on the type of music we are playing or the kind of work we do.

PTron Headphones Music and the Millennial 
Gone are those days when employers would put on a frown if they saw employees with earphones. In fact, they have become more generous with the rule. Though some workplaces are still skeptical about letting their employees put on earphones, most of them have become more lenient with the rules. According to them, all that matters is the output and how it has been achieved. Thanks to noise cancellation earphones, we can have complete privacy even in an enormous crowd. This is probably one of the reasons we preferably put on earphones at work. From the annoying co-worker to the constant tapping of keyboards around us, we can bid adieu to anything that distracts us.

Love it, live it, do it better

So, what are the key facts that can help us keep happy and delightful? Let’s find out in a nutshell.

  • Research shows that the effect of music on productivity depends on the situation and the type of music to choose to listen to. We need to find a balance between relaxing our mind with music at work and getting distracted and apparently it is a very thin line.
  • Additionally, not all types of music are for everyone. It is said that lyrics can actually make us think and therefore, distract us. Though it might not be the case for everyone, it could be true for some of us. In that case, you may want to listen to some instrumentals.
  • Volume plays an important role too. It has been noticed that moderate volume can help us focus better than high and loud music. It is because louder volume can engage us more than we can afford to at work.
  • Playing familiar music can help us a lot. As we are already associated with it we can enjoy it lightly instead of drowning in it.

Well to wrap it up, we can conclude that listening to music at work has more pros than cons. So, if you are allowed to listen to music at work, you are one lucky duck. Just put on those headphones and get in the zone.

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