Let’s burst the most popular Earphone and Headphones myth bubbles

Let’s burst the most popular Earphone and Headphones myth bubbles

by Poonam Shaw

It all happened really fast. Like one day we are listening to music on the radio and snap we are all obsessed with our earphones. So something that popular deserves all the myth about it busted. Let’s get started.


1.They are all the same

Umm…. No. Duh! This is one of the biggest and most popular myths surrounding our favourite piece of tech. So right from design to volume to their water and dust resistance capacity, each one is a little different from another. If the ones that are equivalent in price, are often highly different from another. All you need to figure out what is right for you.


2. They are vulnerable to high sound

Wrong. The sound pressure levels (SPLs) have to be really, really dangerous before they can actually cause a breakdown of the earphones. Under normal circumstances, they will not cause much harm to your device. However, this myth has been nourished for long keeping in mind that high volume, that too from an earphone, may heavily damage our ears and hearing abilities.


3. The more you pay, the more you get

You have to realise that it is not about how much you spend. Well, at least not always. It is really about choosing the right one irrespective of the price. The high-end products do come at a higher price, but that does not always make them the best. It is always possible to get a good one, without burning a hole in your pocket. Additionally, since technology is evolving, new and better products are entering the market. You may want to keep an open mind that no matter how much you spend, you may not want to use it after a while and may want to upgrade to a new one. Fickle can be fun! Wink, wink!


Let’s burst the most popular Earphone and Headphones myth bubbles

4. Brand is Grand

Hate to burst the bubble, but that not always the case. Just because a brand is highly popular, doesn’t just make it an obvious choice. It can just mean that they were able to spend a hefty amount on marketing. With a little time and research, you will be surprised to find how much a lesser known brand can deliver.


5. They all fit the same

As the shape and size of all our ears are different, it is obvious that all earphones will not fit the same. What good is an earphone, that doesn’t fit our ears? It is safer in case of in-the-ear ones, especially the ones with removable earbuds. But if you are looking for over-the-ear or on-the-ear, you may want to try them, before you buy them.


6. You can shut the World down with noise cancellation

The answer, sadly, is no. Though they can effectively bring down the low frequency and droning noise, like engines, wind, and road noise, they are not of much help when it comes to voices, both adults and babies. Additionally, not all of them work the same. There are only a few products that can give actual noise cancellation.


7. Sweat and dust will ruin them

Not anymore. If you like to groove while you workout or run, you need to choose the ones with the right IP rating. Higher ratings mean better protection.


8. Quad drivers are the best

This is not true in all cases. We believe that they will be better than the ones with single or dual drivers, but like always, there are exceptions. Considering the limitations of single-driver earphones, companies are including multiple drivers to either side of these products. This most certainly enhances the experience. However, not all of them will give better sound output compared to single-drivers.

Personal devices like earphones need research and time before you can choose one. But after going through the above discussion, you can be objective before choosing the right one out of the crowd.

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