PTron Gift Guide for 2019

PTron Gift Guide for 2019

by Poonam Shaw

We have finally reached the winter festive season and we’re ‘oh so excited’ about it. What makes the festivities more joyous? Finding the best gift for your loved ones. At this point of time, we are all suffering indecision's and looking for clues to pick that perfect gift.  

But does perfection always comes at a price? Not really. A pair of good earphones or a smart accessory can really make a great gift for music and tech lovers this season. But which one to choose considering that there are so many of them? Let’s find out.

1.Wired Earphones

4d boom

 Wired earphones and headsets  are the most common of their kind and are still widely preferred over wireless ones. The reason is simple. They don’t need to be charged, therefore no question of running out of battery. Though wired earphones are gradually been taken over by their wireless counterparts, still some of the wired versions come with advanced technology like the PTron BT Boom 4D earphones with dual drivers and Frequency division technology that deliver better bass response and acoustically enhanced sound quality. You may also select from a long range of flat wires to prevent the problem of tangles. 

2. Wireless Earphones

Coming to the ones that are gaining popularity with each passing day, let’s talk about what we have in the wireless Bluetooth section.  Much like wired earphones, here we have in-ear and over-the-ear options too. What has made Bluetooth earphones so popular? Well, convenience. Thanks to these handy little bluetooth devices, we are now able to listen to our favourite music or answer all the important calls, without the hassles of wires that obligate us to stay in close proximity of the devices the earphones are connected to. Additionally, technology moved faster than we can blink and we have more categories in our wish list like the Wireless Ear hooks which are ideal for fitness fanatics. These earphones come in a hook shape which fits around the ears for a secure fit and long-lasting performance. Apart from earphones here are a few more options one could explore to pick the right gift. Let’s take a look.

3. Bluetooth speaker

bluetooth speaker

Portable wireless speakers can make a fine gift this season. Speakers are a top priority for any party. So this party season why not gift someone a smashing Bluetooth speaker and add a little life to their party.  A party isn’t a party without some great music playing loud and a party speaker is all you need to shake up the neighborhood. Wireless party speakers are light-weight, portable, and powerful enough to make everyone thump and the walls shake. Portable wireless speakers can make a fine gift this season. By simply enabling the Bluetooth connection between one's smartphone and the speaker, one can create a playlist of songs from personal music library or music streaming website/app. So this party season why not gift someone a smashing Bluetooth speaker and add a little life to their party.


4. Bluetooth Smart watch

 If you are willing to go a little up with the budget, you can a Bluetooth smart watch that is the talk of the town now. This stylish, superbly crafted, and intuitive to use revolutionary device once connected to the phone, will let the user track fitness, play music, see notification and texts and so much more even without looking into the phone. With the introduction of online shopping, the phenomenon of gifting has gotten easier. You can now choose from a wide range of products online and get them delivered directly to your loved ones with the blink of an eye. With all that been said, the most important point remains that gifts are not just things, they are feelings in a box. So no matter what you choose, it’s that thought that will count the most. So let’s spread more happiness and bring more smiles.

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