Stand Out from the crowd. Tangent Beats Hi-Fi Stereo wireless Neckband - The New Age Sound System

Stand Out from the crowd. Tangent Beats Hi-Fi Stereo wireless Neckband - The New Age Sound System

by poonam shaw

Why settle for less when you can stand out from the crowd and shed your own light? 

Imagine stunning onlookers every time you step out of the house, inspiring your peers to follow your steps and being forever ready to rock out in style. 

The pTron Tangent Beats will breathe life into this imagination and help you shine your brightest light!


A music experience that weaves magic in your ears!

The Tangent Beats features advanced neodymium dynamic drivers that produce a premium sound quality that helps you find new meaning in music. The next time you are discussing with your friends about the new release of The Weeknd or Billie Eilish, take them by surprise when you pick out the most intricate beats and instrumentals that others miss out on. 

Make comfort with the new style motto!

Comfort Fit

You don't want to experience discomfort and insecure fit in the pursuit of stylish aesthetics. So, why don't you get an earphone that redefines style with utmost comfort? Yes, you guessed it right! The Tangent Beats feeds the inner music lover in you and helps you rock your splendid personality with three spectacular hues in an ergonomic design that redefines comfort. Now, you can attend those long conference calls from work and engage in intensive and long workout sessions not only in style but in supreme comfort. 

Wow, your crowd with an earphone that obeys your commands!

obeys your commands

You're driving your friends to a friendship day party at an exciting new venue. You ask your earphones to give you directions. As you drive effortlessly to the location with your earphones giving you instructions, your friends gaze at you in awe of your audio equipment. That's what the Tangent Beats does for its users. With the voice assistant feature accessible ever so easily, you can make eyes turn as you hit the gym with your beats or make calls using your voice and not your hands. 

The Tangent Beats is the ideal audio equipment to match your outshining personality. Get our pride product and step into the new age of sound system with style and exceptional features!

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