ANC Earbuds - Your Secret Survival Tool when #ShorRukegaNahi 😉

ANC Earbuds - Your Secret Survival Tool when #ShorRukegaNahi 😉

by poonam shaw

Why should you consider our Zenbuds ANC earbuds as your next best wireless earbuds upgrade 😊

Nowadays everyone is talking about the Noise Cancellation technology on Earbuds and Headphones. The question is what exactly Noise Cancellation is, how earbuds with ANC feature are helpful and how much should you be spending on one?

What is active noise ca ncellation? 

ANC, or Active Noise Cancellation, is a technology that helps to reduce unwanted background noise. This is achieved through the use of microphones that pick up sounds both inside and outside of the earphone, an ANC chipset that inverts the soundwaves, and a speaker inside the earphone that cancels out the outside noise by neutralizing the soundwaves. It's similar to the concept of taking a positive number outside and adding a negative number inside to make zero. With ANC, you can enjoy your music or phone calls without being disturbed by external noise.

ANC earbuds block out external noise in such a manner that no sound plays into the ears – instead a quiet fills the head as if the sounds of the outside world have been turned down. Heavy traffic generates noise levels of up to 85 decibels (dB) and ANC earbuds can turn this down by up to 30dB preventing any permanent hearing damage. 

Turn on the Zenmode with “Zenbuds”

Suppose you are stuck in heavy traffic in a cab & some chill music is what you’re craving, but you need to stay alert to the chauffeur’s conversations too.  In this scenario, pTron’s Zenbuds with ANC will make that possible for you with the Transparency Mode that allows you to listen to both music & conversations simultaneously.

On public transport, using the noise-cancelling feature will reduce the noise of the traffic. In the open-plan office, ANC earbuds help eliminate the constant chatter and restrict interruptions. On an airplane or train, it’s a revelation. They come in handy and powerful, to tune out the constant drone of urban living.

If you're a frequent traveler and want to enjoy music without any disruption of background noise, ANC earbuds are the best upgrade you can frame for yourself.

To conclude, imagine experiencing music on the pTron Zenbuds Pro 1 Max like that on a Bluetooth speaker. It keeps you entertained and going, yet aware of the surroundings through the transparency mode; all at the same time. Previously, this slice-edge technology was available just in high-end headphones. But now it's readily available in TWS earbuds also.

Shop our earbuds with ANC starting 1799/-

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