How To Give The Best Care To Your Precious Earphones?

How To Give The Best Care To Your Precious Earphones?

by Poonam Shaw

What do you look for in your bag while leaving home? Well, it depends on individual taste, but we all most certainly look for one common thing, our earphones.

No matter if they are wired, wireless, in-ear, over-the-ear, true wireless - they are one of the most essential part of our daily monotonous lives. Therefore, we need to take care of them to get the best result for the longest times.

There are a few do’s and don’ts that can help us keep our earphones in the best shape.

1. Clean the Earbuds 

If you are using the in-ear type, you must clean the earbuds regularly to avoid dirt accumulation. If the earbuds are made of rubber and are detachable, you may take them off and clean them mildly with a damp piece of cloth. For the rest, just wipe them clean with cotton. 

2. Case ’em Up 

Placing-in directly in the bag can subject them to wear and tear. So make sure you put them in a case or at least a small zipper pouch. In some cases earphones/microbuds come with a case to make your life easier, hence ensure using the case to store them properly after each use for longer life.


3. Unplugging is the key

It is important to unplug the earphones or disconnect the Bluetooth connectivity from the phone (or any other device) when not in use. This will ensure the lifeline of your earphones. Not just that, it will also save the battery of your phone and your wireless earphones.

4. Careful while Unplugging

This is a very common mistake we all are guilty of committing. While unplugging our earphones, we inadvertently pull the cables. Well, this is a big no-no! You need to hold the plug while pulling out the earphones. Any unnecessary pulling of the cable can lead to wear or tear.

5. Carry them well

If you say you never carried your earphones in your pocket, you are lying to yourself. Almost all of us are guilty of this crime. You should never carry them in your pocket unless you store them securely in a hard case. Why? If you are using wired earphones, they will form tangles which will make it harder to use. It will impact the sound quality by spoiling the copper wires inside. Long story short, case them up for better user experience.



6. Keep it down just a bit

While most of us like our music loud and clear, it is obviously not good for our ears. It can harm our eardrums and damage our hearing. Other than our ears, loud music can damage the speaker and the device.

7. Keep your earphones dry

Though most of the earphones today are waterproof, it is important to dry them up post usage. It is quite easy actually. We all have those silica gel packet lying around the house. Put a few in the case you are putting the earphones in and it will dry them up when not in use. In case silica gel packets are not handy, just go for some dry rice grains and it will work wonders too.


Waterproof or not, dry and clean earphones will give you a great user experience and your device will serve you for a long time.  

Other than all these, avoid sleeping with your earphones on. It not only harms your ears, but it can also bend or snap the device while rolling over. Keep your ears clean to keep your earphones clean. Avoid sharing earphones with anyone else because they may carry ear infections and can affect you adversely.

Care for your gadgets and let them care back for you!

Bonus Tip

Now you know how to properly take care of your earphones and make sure they sound their best always. But nothing's more important than making sure you have a good pair, to begin with. 

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