Millennials Hack to Survive 50 Hrs work week

Millennials Hack to Survive 50 Hrs work week

by poonam shaw

In the middle of the week, you've already got a lot on your plate, but then suddenly you get an extra work assignment that will keep you busy for another week at least. Let’s face it - the dream of weekends at leisure and early weekday offs are gone in a post-COVID world. 

If you can avoid it, by all means, do. But if you’re a serious go-getter looking to be the next Piyush Pandey or Shraddha Sharma, or if you just want to get to that promotion as fast as possible, use these 5 tips for getting through a long work week to stay productive, alert, and, most importantly, in the realm of the sane.


1. Make a schedule/to-do list 

No matter how huge, unreal or impossible the task seems, a little planning can help visualize the possible outcomes. However, making schedules or to-do lists need not be the old-school way. Just ask your phone's Smart assistant directly or through your wireless earbuds to create a to-do list & voila you’re sorted. 

2. Avoid Distractions

You’re determined and all prepared to kill that assignment in hand. The last playlist that you’re friend suggested is all that you need to avoid distractions of all sorts. Nothing seems to stop you & tada’ that very moment your phone dings. There’s a new video notification of your favourite YouTuber. Just one video you want to watch & quickly get back to schedule. Blink, 30 mins gone. Here comes our Basspods P251+ Just plug them in, play pause, or volume control without getting distracted by your physical device.

3. Trick your mind with productive rewards

If you’re a Pomodoro fan, then consider rewarding yourself with some Instagram binge-watching on reels or listening to some inspiring/entertaining podcasts on your earbuds without disturbing your colleagues on the floor.

4. Use your commute time well

Though we are a big fan of “Eat 5 Star & Do Nothing”. However, sitting still and doing nothing is not something that excites most of us. If you are someone who does not like portion control, make the most of your commute time without worrying about the outside noise & internet slack. The pTron Basspods 251+ comes with 60ms ultra-low latency music and movie modes for exceptional audio and video experience on the go or at home.

5. Invest in good gadgets for quality work

Wireless devices are a great breakthrough. It saves you both time and energy, especially if you’re in a rush, it enables you to be ever ready for tasks, while you work, without the stress of handling excessive cabling. 


If you’re still looking for one to go hands-free, do explore our newly launched Basspods 251+  that’s loaded with top tech and offers remarkable noise-free voice calls for up to 50 hours. Before you go off and schedule another long work session, make sure to ponder over the above tips to channelize your inner Chi.

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