Must-Have Digital Accessories At Workplace

Must-Have Digital Accessories At Workplace

by Poonam Shaw

Be it a traditional office,  collaborative co-working space or a start-up’s busy work corner somewhere in its private apartment, an ideal work environment helps improve every worker's productivity.

In ‘the digital era’ when Smartphones rule the world and the Internet of Things gradually takes over the world, few productive gadgets actually makes us and the work more productive.

Considering the amount of time we spend at work, it is important that we make it as comfortable and organised as possible to remain stress-free at work. So what do we need to make that possible?

Noise Cancellation Earphones

What better way to cut yourself off from the noisy surrounding and focus on your work? Noise cancellation earphone is a must have accessory for uninterrupted working. Take your pick from the huge range of wired and wireless earphones collection and tune out the annoying noise around you.


Though most of us have our phones with us all the time, a smartwatch can make our lives way easier as there is no fear of loosing them as they are always on our wrist and that they have better battery life than our smartphones.

Especially in situations, when one gets forgetful due to multitasking and does not remember where they left their phone or keys, Smartwatches are our savior. On one hand, it also gives us quick access to the subtle features of our phones like messages, notifications, reminders etc; on the other hand, we can keep our fitness in check with it. Smart watches can track our calories intake, our fitness quotient, our heartbeat etc. Now organising your day is literally at your fingertips.

Must-Have Digital Accessories At Workplace

Bluetooth Speakers

Well, though we might not get a lot of opportunities to use them on a daily basis, it is good to have one handy. They would be really helpful in situations when your most professional con-call device conks and you have an important client call to attend with the team. Bluetooth speakers can be connected with your Smartphones for hands-free calling. They can also be used for those webinars, listening to training videos or audios in a group and most importantly playing music at work and dancing your heart out on those crazy Fridays (at least wherever it is allowed).

Power Banks

How to keep all these gadgets up and running all the time? Well, power banks are the answer. Choose one that is compatible with your phone, Bluetooth speaker and wireless headphones. If your desk receives enough sunlight you may also like a solar charging bank. Just stick one end of it on the adjacent window and the other end to whatever you need to charge.

Charging Docks

From time to time you need to plug in your gadgets and charge them and the power bank is not always enough. This is when the charging dock will come to your rescue. So don’t fight over the charging points on the wall anymore.

There are so many more cool things that can beautify work your stations. Like a sleek and stylish table lamp, an appkettle that can help you control the temperature of the water in it with your phones, a quirky table clock etc. But it all depends on the space available and our budget. So don’t let your work bore you. Add a little fun in it with technology.

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