What a Gaming Accessory! Meet Boom Ultima - the Ultimate Earphone for Gamers

What a Gaming Accessory! Meet Boom Ultima - the Ultimate Earphone for Gamers

by poonam shaw

It's the last circle.

You are just 3 people away from getting your chicken dinner.

You're crouching behind a rock, trying to take a third person's perspective on any approaching enemy.

A guy flanks from behind you and kills you, all because you couldn't hear his footsteps.

Gamers know how vital a proper pair of earphones is in playing games. How many chicken dinners have you lost because you couldn't hear approaching footsteps or the directions given by your teammates? Meet pTron Boom Ultima - best earphones for gaming in the market today.


Never miss a footstep or a distant shot again!

Dynamic Dual Driver

The pTron Boom Ultima comes equipped with dual dynamic drivers in each earbud, which produces fuller, crystal clear sound with a lot more bass. You can now pick up even the faintest sounds of enemies approaching or shots being fired far away. That's what makes it the best gaming earphones on the internet.


Communicate with your teammates freely and form unbeatable strategies like never before!

Communicate Freely

The Boom Ultima features a built-in in-line remote control with an in-built HD microphone that ensures all your commands are portrayed smoothly and clearly. With the best-wired gaming earphones, you no longer have to worry about disruptions and focus only on forming creative strategies with your teammates to fool your enemies.


Don't let the device barrier come in the way of your gaming experience!

Feel The Game

We all know about the ongoing debate of whether PUBG Mobile is better than PUBG PC. However, you don't have to worry about buying an earphone for each device. The PTron Boom Ultima is widely compatible with devices that have a 3.5 mm audio interface - be it smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops or MP4 players. Now, whether you prefer playing in your tab due to the larger screen size or are used to playing with four fingers on your smartphone, the Boom Ultima has got you covered.

Playing games like PUBG requires earphones that will help you listen to foot sounds clearly and a right mic that enables you to converse freely and a comfortable fit that enhances your experience. Order your Boom Ultima today and immerse in gaming like never before!

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