What does Stress sound like?

What does Stress sound like?

by poonam shaw

Long hours at work, tight deadlines, and ever-increasing demands can leave you feeling worried, drained, and overwhelmed. In this fast-moving city life where we keep meeting new challenges everyday, stress is common. But can we keep stressing about stress? The obvious answer is No. But then the immediate question is ‘how to avoid and get over stress’?

While things that cause stress cannot be avoided like fear of being rejected, inability to meet rising expectations, job/performance dissatisfaction etc. We can surely control or limit our external environment that can trigger stress, one such thing being sound or noise. High noise can raise lood pressure, disturbs sleep and aggravates existing stress by inducing the release of stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. 

Everyday in our busy lives knowingly or unknowingly we encounter loud noises, while walking down the street, or passing by a construction site, entering the metro or train station. You might not notice that unconsciously those noises in your surroundings affect you.

In flare of this, we should head to alter our routines to incorporate stress-relieving ways that will frame our days a little more peaceful.


Creating a ‘SOUND’ Work/Study Environment

We all prefer some music especially calming & relaxing ones to relieve stress. It is always a good idea to create a custom playlist to tune out other noises to have your moment of calm & relax. 

Background sounds can be very helpful in reducing the negative impact of sudden spikes in external noise like those of loud traffic, construction or machinery/engine noise and enabling you to focus for longer periods of time. Good background sounds are also great for beating silence and creating a personal environment which fuels creativity and reduces stress. 

If Yoga or exercising is something that works as a stress-buster for you, a pair of good earbuds preferably with ANC technology that will help you to eliminate unwanted noise so that you can just focus on your things, can come in handy.


Last but not the least ‘Thinking Positive’

The way you think and the way you react to others define you and your future. These days, there's a lot to worry about, both at home and in the outer world. The best we can do, even in modesty is to try to settle down at what we are doing and listen to good music. A pair of good quality ANC technology earbuds  can be a game-changer as th immersive sound and the noise cancellation technology shall let you hear yourself. Everytime you put them on, you will feel the vibe, eliminating the stress and bringing in more positive thoughts.


To achieve optimal stress management, positive lifestyle choices like regular exercise, self-care, healthy eating, remaining optimistic, and expressing gratitude must be maintained.


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