Why you should not use regular earphones while working out

Why you should not use regular earphones while working out

by Ameen Khwaja

Here we are, at the dusk of what can be termed as a phenomenal year for new and advanced technology. Wireless networking grew in leaps and bounds and we have more options to choose from than ever. Speaking of wireless technology, there is a new blockbuster earphone in the market, which has stolen the hearts of millions in a very time - ‘neckband earphones’, also known as “behind-the-neck headphones,” or even the more relatable “collar headphones”.

The Growing Popularity

As the demand for Bluetooth earphones accelerated over the last couple of years, manufacturers have been trying to put their best foot forward with their innovative designs. So they were trying to make a compact, easy to carry and wear, and also provides a good battery backup.

Therefore, we have got a few great designs that have really eased our lives. The neckband earphones are one of the best among them. These are really lightweight as compared to the over the conventional over-the-ear Bluetooth earphones.

The fact that you can just put them around your neck even when you are not using them and just plug them in when needed, makes it easy to carry around. You most certainly don’t need to dig through your bag or even untangle the wires anymore.

Also unlike regular, wired earphones, they don’t need to be connected to your phone and the two tiny little cords connecting the collar to the earphones are the only ones you need to worry about. 

The Pros of the Design

Most of these are designed with active noise cancellation and are extremely useful in cutting the external noise even in crowded places. The controls are right at the end of the neck piece and are easy to reach. They are designed to give you better control of the device. This makes it easier to control volumes, change music and receive a call.

Most of them are built with Hi-Fi stereo sound and makes sure you never miss a word. They mostly have good IP rating and both water and dustproof. Hence wearing them around the neck will not cause any damage from sweat or dust.

Coming to the power backup, the batteries in these earphones are really commendable. The extra space in the arch, around the neck, makes extra room for a much higher capacity battery.

Style Statement

Moving away from all the technological benefits, one can certainly say that these are quite fashionable to wear and can really ‘up’ your style quotient. Moving out of the conventional earphones might be a bold move but once you choose one,  you might find it really comfortable.

They won’t fall off your head like some other designs and wouldn’t tie you close to your phone either. So go for a run, workout, travel in a crowded bus or train, or just take a solitary minute to listen to some great music or take that important call, all you need is that perfect earphone around your neck, always at your service.

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I recently brought Ptron Tangent pro from Flipkart and i am extremely happy with my purchase. The good thing abt this earphone is the shape which is earbud type while all others make ear canal type which i hate. The sound quality,battery back up are extremely good for the price.

My humble request for the company is to make the Apple Airpods like bluetooth earphones as the recent launches like Realme Buds air and Xiaomi buds. The exact design as Airpods as the design is better than ear canal type and it wont fall off during work out also. And also with the same 14.2mm driver as Tangent pro as it gives good music effect.

Rakesh Mathew

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