Feed your inner diva - Bassbuds Urban

Feed your inner diva - Bassbuds Urban

by poonam shaw

Listen up all you fashion kings and queens… pTron is presenting the Bassbuds Urban the  true wireless earbuds

Now, step out in style and let the inner fashion diva in you make the world take notice of you with our Bassbuds Urban. If you have been looking for 'The One' to blend with your style and make people stop dead in their tracks to drop their jaws at you, the Bassbuds Urban is here to revolutionize the game for you. 

A  stylish trendsetter in a compact design!

Stylist Compact Design

If you're someone who always craved an audio device that compliments your stylish athletic persona, then pTron Bassbuds Urban is made for you. Featuring the perfect blend of athletic-oriented functionality with lifestyle-oriented aesthetics, our Bassbuds Urban is oozing with style. It is the ideal choice to compliment all occasions - from parties and outdoor activities to sports and working out. 

An audio masterpiece that blends seamlessly with all attires!

pTron has expertly chosen the three hues to ensure that the Bassbuds Urban elevate your look and appearance. The Garnett Black is the universally premium shade that goes with all looks and styles, be it athletic attire or party pattern. The Moonstone White is the luxury hue that adds a delicate touch of class and sophistication to your overall appearance. And while all that glitters is not gold, it's certainly Rose Gold for the perfect hint of bling and sparkle. 

Forever ready! 

Forever Ready

The ergonomic structure of these earbuds is expertly designed for a secure and comfortable fit. Even if you're at work for 12 hours a day and require to be on calls for most of the time, you can wear these earbuds without the slightest inch of discomfort and a battery that offers up to 15 hours of playtime with the charging cum carrying case. However, make no mistake in taking these earbuds to be light and delicate. They can instantly make the transition to rough and ready when needed. Whether you're trekking up the mountains or engaging in heavy sports activities, the Bassbuds Urban has been designed to support you through the most intense and harshest conditions. 

So, if you're looking for the earbuds that perfectly combine sound and style, audio equipment that complements intense gym sessions, and late-night clubbing, pTron has your soul mate for you.

FLASH SALE - Limited Time Left

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