Perfect your video calls with Bassbuds Pro & Tangent Evo

Perfect your video calls with Bassbuds Pro & Tangent Evo

by Arvind Verma

Don't you just hate it when you're catching up with your best friend on a video call after months and you have to hold the chord of your earphone at a certain angle for it to work? It's also incredibly embarrassing when you look like a bad version of Charlie Chaplin to your co-workers and superiors while video conferencing when your mic stops working abruptly. The lack of best headsets is what's standing between you and perfect video calls. Here's introducing pTron Bassbuds Pro and pTron Tangent Evo that are going to make your video calls more seamless than ever.

Let your headset do all the work at your command

You are driving to work and are running late. However, you suddenly remember it's your best friend's birthday and you forgot to wish it at midnight. You can't afford to stop for a call. Here's where pTron Bassbuds Pro will literally save your friendship. It supports the voice assistant feature enabling you to connect your headset with Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri, making video calls just a command away.

Don't let your video calls disrupt your daily activities

In this fast-changing world, stopping is not an option. So, why should you stop for video calls then? The pTron Tangent Evo comes with sweat-proof technology that helps you be on calls and run, jog, walk, or cook meals simultaneously. Its in-line remote control offers a hands-free experience that lets you feed your kids when they're hungry or give your dog a treat while being on call.

Put an end to quibbling with your sibling over headsets

Don't you just hate having to fight with your sibling over a headset with both earbuds working when you both have calls to make? Well, our pTron Bassbuds Pro can put an end to such fights and offer a winning situation. It supports the binaural call function wherein each earbud can be used individually for calls with up to 12 hours of talk time with a charging case. Yes, it's the perfect deal if you often have someone who's after your headsets.

The new reality of life has made video calls a part of our daily routine. Head to pTron to get the best headset for video calls at affordable prices to enjoy seamless video calls at all times.

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