Science Behind Affects Of Music On Brain And Productivity

Science Behind Affects Of Music On Brain And Productivity

by Poonam Shaw

How often do you fall short of ideas at work or maybe lack focus? You yawn a little, stretch out and go for a cup of coffee maybe! But eh! Your brain, which is often your best friend, refuses to cooperate. Happens with the best of us, doesn’t it? So, what can rescue us from this depth of darkness? Well, the answer to that, for most of us, is Music.

Though it is not scientifically proven, it is a well-established fact that music is an excellent stress buster for most of us. Time and again we fall back on our favourite playlist to take our mind off tedious and repetitive tasks. In the olden days, miners and others engaged in hard labour used to sing their heart out while working. It gave them courage and energy to keep moving on in the worst of times. Therefore, the pillars of the modern world are built on rhythm and melodies.

Over the centuries, music has played a very important role in shaping our culture and evolving our minds. The music we have today is the result of thousands of years of evolution through numerous ups and downs in the history of mankind.

Our Brain In The Light Of Music

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It is a well-proven fact that music can help us relax and lift our mood. If we look back to our childhood, we will remember the nursery rhymes. The musical notes and the rhythmic approach helped us remember them better and more efficiently.

Our brain is still a big mystery to the experts. It was observed that while old and familiar music can help us relax, new music can actually pose more challenge. While new and unfamiliar music is not always pleasurable, it actually compels the brain to comprehend and remember the new sound.

Tuning In To Productivity

Researchers are mostly divided on the effect of music on productivity and concentration. However, it is quite common to find people plugged into their earphones while working.

Though the question remains if music increases our productivity or not, it for sure helps us tune out the unwanted sound around us. How many times have we wished the people around us were more quiet and considerate? But, alas! That is hardly the case with any of us. This is where our headphones come to our rescue especially the noise cancelling headphones such as the PTron Rebel that comes with a sealed in-ear design that reduces external noise. PTron Rebel is light-weight, ultra-flexible and tangle free for added comfort of all-day wear.

As an important part of modern-day work, music can make any repetitive and boring job easier. It has been observed that more music lovers like low key, soft music while working stating that they found it enhanced the ambiance and gave more energy for work. Having said this, it is important to note that different individual seek rescue through the different genre of music and it all depends on that particular person.

Earlier we have discussed how a little music added new life to our childhood rhymes. However, as we grow up, the situation changes. Research shows that music can actually be a hindrance while we are learning something new. This is because our brain cannot multitask all the time and at that point, it is actually trying to withhold information for the lessons.

The Rescue Notes

Since our likes and dislikes vary from one another, our choice of music will differ too. It is important to a draw line between immersion and distraction. The right balance can actually make the biggest difference and can help us achieve our goals better.

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